Episode 107 - "A Bit More Orky"

For those of you who didn't get enough Ork action in Episode 100 when we discussed the Ork Boy, we are back with a look at both the Ork Species and the Ork Nob archetype. We also cover off the latest news on Warhammer 40k and give you our review of Apocalypse. Finally we tackle the often asked question of how to build encounters in Wrath and Glory.

Episode 106 - "With Great Power"

For the first time in a long time we welcome a guest to the show in the form of Shane from the Total Party Thrill Podcast. With help from Shane we chat about the Wargear, Influence and Acquisition systems, cover off the Inquisitor archetype, delve in to high level play in Wrath and Glory, and finally chat about the current state of Kill Team.

Episode 105 - "Rhana Dandra"

There is big news this month with the revelation that the Wrath and Glory licence has been moved to Cubicle 7. We cover this change, but we also bring you a regular show as well. As promised we are tackling the Eldar in Wrath and Glory with a look at the species in general, the Corsair archetype and another discussion on role playing the xenos mindset. In line with our discussion on the Aeldari, we also review the recent Ynnari mini-codex from White Dwarf.

Episode 104 - "Primaris Perspective"

We are opening up the vaults of Belisarius Cawl as we bring you an episode discussing all things Primaris. We cover the rules for building space marine characters, and then take a deep dive in to the Primaris Intercessor archetype. In fitting with this we review Shadow Spear, which brings some new rules and lore to Primaris Marines, and finally we discuss the key considerations when planning an all space marine campaign for Wrath and Glory.

Episode 103 - "Unforgiving"

Welcome to our latest show where we are delving in to the ruinous powers. We start by covering the rules for corruption, mutation, and madness, and then we move on to a discussion on the Heretek archetype. We have a guest join us for our review, and end off the show with a discussion on how Wrath and Glory characters would be ported in to the 40k tabletop rules.

Episode 102 - "Theatre of the Mind"

We are back for 2019 and in our latest show we are taking a look at Psykers and the Psychic Powers system in Wrath & Glory. In line with this we cover the Sanctioned Psyker archetype, before reviewing Dark Tides, and ending off with a quick discussion on the best way to describe your characters and NPCs to the rest of the group.