Episode 98 - "GenCon Special 4"

In our latest episode, we bring you all of the news from GenCon 2018 including the official launch of Wrath and Glory. We discuss the Ulisses North America panel, talk about the rules for character creation, and review the Wrath and Glory Core Book itself. Finally we return to our career series with an in-depth look at the Skitarius archetype.

Episode 97 - "A New Threat"

With the release of Wrath and Glory just around the corner, we can finally start to talk about the system and the setting itself. Along with covering the latest news, we also take a deep dive in to the Threatening Task mechanic of the new game. We also review Blessings Unheralded, and we invite you to help us resolve an issue in our own gaming group.

Episode 96 - "Origins Special"

We bring you a special episode fresh from the Warhammer Weekend and the Origins Games Fair. In this episode we have not one but three interview guests as we break down all of the latest news on Wrath and Glory as the game sees its first public release with the Free RPG Day module Blessings Unheralded.

Episode 94 - "They Toll for Thee"

We've been on a bit of a hiatus due to both of us traveling, but we are finally back to give you the latest info on the upcoming Wrath and Glory RPG. Today's episode includes looking at the latest two developer diaries as well as a quick discussion on the recently streamed game session from Bell of Lost Souls - the Box of Sorrows.