Episode 110 - The Sound of Silence

We've got a bit of news to talk about this episode with the revelation that Warhammer 40000 is about to have its 9th Edition released, bringing a whole bunch of lore updates, mainly around the Necrons. We talk about what this means for the game and the setting in general. We also take a look at the latest releases from Cubicle 7.

Episode 109 - Begin Anew

With the PDF of Wrath and Glory now available from Cubicle 7, we are back to bring you our thoughts on the new release. We go from cover to cover breaking down what has changed, what has happened, and talk about what it all means for the future of the system. Still not our usual show format, we hope that you will enjoy it anyway.

Episode 108 - Twelve Plagues of Nurgle

With everyone around the world current shut inside during the COVID-19 crisis, we decided that the time had come for us to wax lyrical about Warhammer 40k for an hour and a half to give our listeners something to listen to. Not in the normal show format, instead we simply discuss the latest developments on the RPG and 40k in general.

Episode 107 - "A Bit More Orky"

For those of you who didn't get enough Ork action in Episode 100 when we discussed the Ork Boy, we are back with a look at both the Ork Species and the Ork Nob archetype. We also cover off the latest news on Warhammer 40k and give you our review of Apocalypse. Finally we tackle the often asked question of how to build encounters in Wrath and Glory.

Episode 106 - "With Great Power"

For the first time in a long time we welcome a guest to the show in the form of Shane from the Total Party Thrill Podcast. With help from Shane we chat about the Wargear, Influence and Acquisition systems, cover off the Inquisitor archetype, delve in to high level play in Wrath and Glory, and finally chat about the current state of Kill Team.

Episode 105 - "Rhana Dandra"

There is big news this month with the revelation that the Wrath and Glory licence has been moved to Cubicle 7. We cover this change, but we also bring you a regular show as well. As promised we are tackling the Eldar in Wrath and Glory with a look at the species in general, the Corsair archetype and another discussion on role playing the xenos mindset. In line with our discussion on the Aeldari, we also review the recent Ynnari mini-codex from White Dwarf.