Episode 65 - "Drive Me Closer"

(We return to the Spinward Front in our latest Only War episode where we talk about the structures and ranks of the Imperial Guard; Discussion on the Armoured Regiment doctrine - overview, builds & role playing; Review of the Departmento Munitorum Handbook; A little dark comedy in your game)

Episode 62 - "Ship Shape"

(We delve in to all aspects of ships in our latest Rogue Trader episode. First off, we have an interview with Ross Watson about the new Battlefleet Gothic computer game; Discussion on the Jericho class - overview, builds & combat; Review of Fallen Suns; The Ship as a Character)

Episode 61 - "Bad Deals"

(After a short hiatus due to life, we are back with our latest Dark Heresy show. This time around, we are looking at the Dark Pacts system from Enemies Beyond; Discussion on the Warrior role - overview, builds & role playing; Review of Enemies Beyond; Portraying a Daemon)